Open water diver course !

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Thank you for joining our OWD course

Thank you for joining our PADI Open water diver course ! we always conduct private lessons for all diving lisence courses, we will not conduct 10 students at the same time, instead we always have less number of students and we try to teach diving in detail. 


Price for PADI OWD course

Our Price for PADI Open water diver course is 14500 pesos per person. and Advanced Open water diver course costs 14500 pesos, but our Open water & Advanced Open water combo course costs 27000 pesos !



All underwater photos are taken by students with support of instructors,
Instructors handling certification course are not allowed to play with cameras during the course.


ワンポイント / Diving Tips

In scuba diving, to control your buoyancy is important, if you can dive with perfect neutral buoyancy, you consume less energy and it makes you more easy to scuba dive underwater.
to achieve perfect neutral buoyancy, you use your lung more than your BCD jacket. put just  small amout of air into your BCD then make sure that when you inhale, your body will ascend slowly and also when you exhale your body sink slowly. and then ou use your lung to control your buoyancy rather than using your BCD to do so. if you can control your buoyancy, you can dive more and more better.