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Dive Shop in Cebu Mactan Island

We are a small PADI dive center in Mactan Island, where the Cebu International Airport is located.
At MSU, we offer a variety of PADI license courses, including fun diving tours to hidden dive sites in Cebu, courses for professionals who want to become PADI professionals, and training for upgrading divers who are already active as PADI professionals. We take full advantage of the strength of our dive center, which is staffed by a course director who is the pinnacle of instructors. We try to schedule all sessions to be as private and private as possible, and we try to keep the number of students as small as possible, so we provide the perfect environment for those who want to learn the basics of diving well.


MSU owns its own boat and has maximum flexibility!

MSU owns its own dive boats. This gives you the freedom to go anywhere around Mactan Island. There is no additional charge wherever you go. What’s more, MSU’s boat captains have long experience as boat captains and are flexible enough to accommodate any request you may have.

And weekend diving at MSU!

For those who are staying in Cebu for a long time. Why not get a diving license and turn diving into a hobby on the weekends? Those who obtain a license or specialty at MSU will receive free equipment rentals forever. You will also receive a discount on whale shark and other tours. In addition, once you have become a dive master at MSU, you will receive future dives at cost. We don’t require you to do any hard work, especially when it comes to carrying tanks and preparing equipment.

And there are several services to support your weekend diving

The first is a round-trip transportation service from Cebu City to Mactan or from Mandaue City to Mactan. See here for prices. Of course, if you are staying in Mactan Island, there is no cost for transportation.
 Secondly, for those of you who enjoy diving as a hobby, we offer a shuttle service to and from various dive sites in the Central Visayas District, including Cebu. As Cebu is surrounded by many islands, each with its own interesting dive sites, MSU can pick you up from your accommodation in a car and take you to the island by ferry to check in at your place of stay and take you to the dive service. This is a service that includes check-in, lunch and dinner arrangements, booking and return transportation.
 The third option is for guests staying in Cebu to come to the beach on weekends only and give you a series of lessons to help you improve your rank or join a professional course.


The World’s Largest Diving Certification Organization

 PADI has more than 6,300 member stores in 180 countries with 136,000 certified instructors working in 180 countries around the world. As of 2016, more than 25 million divers around the world have learned to dive with PADI. That’s more than all the other diving certification bodies’ certifications combined. What is the secret to this overwhelmingly large number of certifications that no other certification body can match? That’s because PADI’s learning program is far superior to any other accredited organization. This is the result of our relentless efforts to never undercut the quality of our training programs and to brush up on our teaching materials and training curriculum in order to improve them.
 PADI Dive Shop MSU in Cebu Mactan is one of the few dive shops in the world that has a PADI course director on staff (there are only three in the Cebu area), which represents only 2% of all PADI instructors, and is responsible for teaching student divers.