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A typical Philippine banca boat ride will take you to nearby islands and dive sites. We’ll take you to beautiful, unspoiled islets and see big fish like jacks and barracudas. Lunch is included! Two to three dives a day. We will take pictures in the water. Transportation to and from Mactan Island is free (transportation to Cebu Island is also available). There is no additional charge depending on the destination or content of the tour.

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Price for this activity

item Regular Premium Memo
Free Transportation inside Mactan  
Number of Dives 2 2  
Mactan Island  
Olango Island  
Other small Islands  
Marigondon Cave AOW and above
Caohagan Island Seafood Market
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Additional Information

  • Choose your destination
    Depending on the sea conditions of the day.  this is basically two dives per day, so if you have more than one destination listed you can tell us your preference and we will discuss where to go (e.g., with Premium, you can choose two from four locations).
  • Prerequisite for Cave Diving
    Diving to Marigondon Cave is limited to experienced divers as the depth is close to 40 meters. All participants must have at least 50 dives (or deep diving SP) and all participants must be advanced or above.
  • Non-snorkeling companions
    The price for non-snorkeling companions is 300 pesos per person for regular type and it is free for premium guests (up to 2 guests). Please note that guets with no-snorkel will not be allowed to enter the sea in this case. Please do not enter the water unsupervised by the diving professional.

How long does it need ?

This activity takes a full day (all day). If you are staying in Mactan Island, you will be picked up around 8:00 am and transferred to your hotel between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

What’s included in the price

The above prices include the following
– Light Snaks (premium course only)
– Guiding fee
– Ocean Park entrance fee
– Facility rental fee
– Air tank
– Weight belt
– Transportation within Mactan Island
– Digital camera photos (regular and premium courses only)

What is not included in the price

The following are not included in the price
– Lodging costs
– airline ticket

Additional information about this activity

In terms of fees

  • Our dive prices are the final price
    A final price means that you will never be charged an additional fee on the day of the dive. without any prior notice. please refer to the “What’s included in the price” section of this page and also “What is not included in the price”.
  • You can choose from a variety of payment methods
    MSU offers a variety of payment options.
    Click here to view an explanation page for more information.

Course Schedule

  • We will pick you up at your hotel between 8:00AM and 8:30AM.
  • Before boarding the boat, please fill out the form, confirm your C-card and pay the fare.
  • Two dives in the morning.
  • If you want to do more than 3 dives, we will do 3rd dive after lunch.
  • We will return to the peer approximately between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.
  • Shower and logging will be done at the nearest restaurant or clubhouse.
  • You cannot get on the car in a wet swimsuit when picking up or dropping off.
    Please be sure to change to dry clothes before you get on the car.


See prices for transportation services.

Pre-dive instructions, etc.

For various notes before you go Diving, Please see here