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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

This is a trial course for those who do not have a diving license. You can try your hand at scuba diving in relatively shallow water. The trial dive is a half-day course. It is possible to do it in the morning only (finished by 12:00 noon) or in the afternoon if you wish. You can make a request at least one day in advance. Free pick up in Mactan Island (pick up to Cebu Island is also available.) Full rental equipment and underwater camera are included.

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The PADI Experience Diving Program (DSD) allows you to practice the basics of scuba diving in one dive, either in a pool or in shallow water. If you want to go see some fish, you can purchase an additional dive to see and photograph fish in shallow water at 2-3 meters.
 The PADI Experience Diving Program (DSD) is not a license course and you will not be issued a C-card at the end of the course. Also, regular dives are performed at depths deeper than 5 meters. Most interesting dives are at depths of about 25 meters, so we encourage you to take the PADI Open Water Diver Course to become a full-fledged diver.

Price for this activity

See prices for the PADI Experience Diving Program (DSD)

How long does it need ?

The PADI Experience Diving Program is a half-day program. You can choose to have a morning or afternoon session, please specify at the time of booking.

What’s included in the price

All expenses for the course are included in the cost.
There are no additional local costs involved.
– Manual (Experience Diving Brochure)
– Lesson Fees
– air tank
– weight belt
– Facility rental fee
– Transportation within Mactan Island
– Full rental equipment and wetsuits
– digital camera photo

What is not included in the price

The following are not included in the price
– Meals for lunch etc.
– lodging expenses
– airline ticket

Additional information about this activity

Experience Diving is not a license course

The PADI Experience Diving Program is a diving program that allows you to “experience” diving and dive in very shallow water. Therefore, no license card will be issued upon completion of the trial dive. Please note that you cannot dive at the same level as a regular diver after the course.


See prices for transportation services.

Pre-dive instructions, etc.

For various notes before you go Diving, Please see here