eng diving in Cebu

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Once you’ve got your license, you can go diving!

Boat Diving

 MSU’s own banca boat to a small island in Cebu!
 Olango Island, near Mactan Island, has many dive sites, but recently, a new dive site has been added where you can enjoy beautiful waters as beautiful as those of Narusuan and Hilutugan Islands, and you can enjoy diving with less travel time than before.
 The most popular course these days is to visit two of the newest dive sites on Olango Island, Balin and the popular Tarima, followed by a Cessna wreck on Mactan Island. This would be a 3 dive, but it is also possible to do the first dive at Balin and the second dive at the Cessna point.

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Shore Entry Dive

Beach dives on Mactan Island are conducted at the Kon-Tiki Beach Resort in the Maribago area and at the point where you can enter the cave in Cordoba from the beach. Kon-Tiki Beach offers macro-specific dives and night dives in addition to the regular dives. After the dive, relax with a palm shake or beer at the Oxygen Bar & Grill on the beach.

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Whale Shark & Sardine School Diving

You can dive with giant whale sharks in Oslob, just south of Cebu! As Oslovu only allows one dive per day, most of the tours usually go to nearby Sumilon Island, which looks beautiful but is not a very interesting place to dive. That’s why MSU makes the second dive to Moalboal, near the center of Cebu Island, where you can observe large schools of turtles and sardines, and have lunch at a popular local restaurant in the Philippines! Fun and delicious whale shark tours!
Even if you don’t have a diving license, you can participate in trial dives.
At MSU, there is no such thing as having to pay an extra fee on the day of the dive, or having to pay Oslob’s entrance fee, or having to pay for lunch. There are no fees to be collected without prior explanation. You can join us with peace of mind.

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