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A diving school with a resident PADI Course Director.

MSU is a 5-Star Instructor Development Center (IDC) accredited by PADI, the world’s largest diving certification organization, located on Mactan Island, Cebu. It’s one of the few dive centers where a Course Director – the pinnacle of PADI Instructors – is resident, and it’s the only dive center in the Philippines with a resident Course Director of Japanese nationality. The primary activities are diver training and education. They implement flexible learning programs utilizing various state-of-the-art training equipment.

An impressive pass rate for the Instructor Exam (IE).

The current pass rate for the initial Instructor Exam (IE) for both Japanese and Western candidates is 100%. Similarly, the initial pass rate for university graduates from developing countries is also 100%. For those from developing countries with an educational level equivalent to middle school, the IE pass rate is 100% within three attempts at the academic exam. These results showcase the effectiveness of MSU’s unique educational program led by a dedicated Course Director with extensive IE experience, embodying the belief that “if you try, you can certainly achieve.”

About MSU

Business NameEunice Sea Ventures
Business OwnerEunice Soliano
Lead ManagerTakeshi Hiragimoto
Shop Rank5 Star Instructor Development Center
Related CompanyEunice Sea Ventures

Contribution to the community.

For many years, MSU has been implementing a program that provides free education up to the Divemaster level to Filipinos living in the Cebu region. Divers educated at MSU on what it means to be a diving professional are all individuals with the potential to become excellent diving leaders who adhere to the diving standards set by PADI. There are people who are actually teaching in the field, and MSU continues to support these individuals in their ‘post-education’ journey.

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