PADI Specialty Instructor Courses

PADI Specialty Instructor Courses

 The PADI Specialty Instructor Course is a program designed for PADI Instructors to acquire specialized teaching skills for specific diving activities. This course provides instructors with specialized training to bring out the interests and abilities of their students to the fullest extent.

Qualifications to certify Specialty courses

 The PADI Specialty Instructor Course is designed to cover various diving activities. These include Deep Diving, Cave Diving, Drift Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Search & Recovery, Enriched Air Diving (Nitrox), Dry Suit Diving, and Peak Performance Buoyancy, among others.

The significance and role of Specialty Courses

 Each Specialty Instructor Course is designed to deeply understand the skills and knowledge required for that specific activity and learn how to teach it. This includes safety protocols related to the specific activity, the use of special equipment, risk management, and emergency response procedures.

The Value of this Course

 Once you can teach these specialties, instructors can provide new opportunities for their students to expand their diving experiences and increase their skills and knowledge. This is an important part of enhancing the joy of diving and boosting the safety and confidence of students.

The advantages of this course

 In the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOW), in addition to the required subjects of Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation, student divers choose three specialty courses of their preference and complete the first dive of each specialty course’s training dive.

Key Points of MSDT Development

 Instructors who hold instructor certifications for the five specialty courses chosen by the student, including the specialties selected by the student, can qualify as Master Scuba Diver Trainers (MSDT). This allows them to train student divers to become Master Scuba Divers by teaching the remaining dives of the five specialty courses after the completion of the AOW course.


The requirements to take the Specialty Instructor Course depend on the specific course you choose. However, generally, you need to have the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) certification. Additionally, some courses may have specific skill or experience requirements.

Course Overview

Training Duration

 The training duration varies depending on the type of specialty you want to take. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Course Fee

 The course fees vary depending on the type of specialty, so please specify your area of interest or the specific specialty and inquire for details.

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