PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course

 The PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course is designed for diving professionals who are already working as PADI Instructors and wish to further their career. This course aims to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge to work as an instructor in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). In other words, the role of an IDC Staff Instructor is to assist in the education and guidance of new PADI Instructor candidates.

Course Content

 By participating in this course, IDC Staff Instructors will acquire assessment techniques for instructor training, understand the IDC curriculum, and learn how to effectively teach the IDC. This requires a deep understanding of PADI Instructor Development programs, standards, and philosophy.

The Instructor Evaluating and Coaching Candidates

 As part of the course, candidates will observe actual sessions from the Assistant Instructor Course and Instructor Development Course and evaluate the teaching abilities of the candidates. Additionally, the candidates’ own teaching abilities and underwater skills will be assessed.


The requirements for obtaining the PADI IDC Staff Instructor qualification include being certified as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), being at least 18 years old, having logged at least 100 dives, and holding the EFR Instructor certification.

Course Overview


 The IDC Staff Instructor Course typically requires full participation in an IDC conducted by MSU. The annual schedule for IDCs is determined according to the Instructor Examinations (IEs) conducted by PADI. If you are interested, please inquire for more details.

Required Materials

CW/OW Presentation Preparation SlateThis is the preparation slate you used during the IDC.
CW/OW Evaluation Slate$90.00Australian Dollar
Course Director Manual$800.00Australian Dollar

Course Fee

Course Fee₱30,000Philippines Pesos
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